46. Choupette, The Most Glamorous Cat In The World

“Choupette is a rich girl.”

Karl Lagerfeld

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Dear listeners, I had an entirely different episode lined up for this week, notes prepared, outline finished, ready to be transformed into a script. Then I woke up on Tuesday morning to the news that Karl Lagerfeld, the iconic creative director of Chanel, had passed away at the age of 85. Like so many fashion aficionados, my thoughts immediately turned to Karl’s next of kin: what would happen to Karl’s beloved cat, Choupette?!?!

Episode 46: “Choupette, The Most Glamorous Cat In The World”

Psst: The Land of Desire is now on Spotify!

P.S. If you’re wondering about that episode that I was working on, it’ll come out soon. In the meantime, you might want to revisit Episode 43: Napoleon’s Tiniest Campaign, Part 1 – it’ll come up again!

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This is the internet and I know you want cute cat photos

Choupette says hi from Karl Lagerfeld's bathtub
Bonjour, world: The first introduction to little Choupette (l), entertaining herself with her own private iPad (r)
La chambre de Choupette
Choupette sitting on a big fat stack of letters
Choupette answers Karl Lagerfeld’s fan mail (or is it her own?)
She works hard for the money
Choupette was on the cover of Vogue Germany. I can’t even find a good LinkedIn headshot.
Choupette curled up in Papa Karl's lap
A rare sighting: Choupette/ on a jet/ allowing herself to be pet….
Choupette plays in the cockpit
…because she’d much rather explore the cockpit. “She is always on the knees of the pilots.”

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