44. Napoleon’s Tiniest Campaign, Part 2

“From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Before we all gorge ourselves on turkey and stuffing, it’s time for the conclusion of Napoleon Bonaparte’s tiniest war. Now, if you’re like me and hate military history, don’t tune out just yet – the battlefield is small, and the only casualty is – well, I won’t spoil it for you. Instead, this is the story of what happens when the world’s greatest ambition is thwarted by the world’s most inescapable obstacle: bureaucracy. The story of Napoleon in exile is pretty incredible. This story has it all: double-crossing, surprise comebacks, and petty warfare – no, I mean really petty warfare.

P.S. I’ll be on vacation until mid-December but I can’t wait to speak with everyone when I return. I hope everyone has a great start to the holiday season, and thank you for listening!

Episode 44: “Napoleon’s Tiniest Campaign, Part 2”

Napoleon anchored in Plymouth harbor:

Napoleon in exile on St Helena:

Napoleon in exile in St Helena
Planting those cabbages


Longwood House today
Napoleon in exile in St Helena
Napoleon in exile in St Helena

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