29. The Caves of Lascaux

“We are locked in history and they were not.” – Werner Herzog

We’re back! Thank you to everyone who participated in The Land of Desire’s anniversary celebrations. Extra thanks to those of you who shared my series on how to start a podcast, and those of you who contributed to the show’s Patreon page. This week, we’re kicking off a new series about the wildlife of France, with a look at the most famous – and most mysterious – animal kingdom in French history.

Episode 29: “The Caves”

Photos at Lascaux:

Since modern deterioration has damaged the paintings so severely, it’s best to look at the earliest color photos we have of these paintings, taken by LIFE photographer Ralph Morse:

Early Color Photographs at Lascaux Cave


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Further Reading:

This week, my further reading is simple – fire up your Netflix account and watch Werner Herzog’s stunning documentary, Cave of Forgotten Dreams! Let’s talk about it on The Land of Desire’s Facebook page afterward.