BONUS – 10,000!

“Nobody is ever gonna listen to this.” – me, July 2016

Welcome back to The Land of Desire, a French history podcast dedicated to exploring all the weird adventures, mysteries and surprising backstories behind French cultural icons. This week, I’m offering a BONUS episode to celebrate…10,000 DOWNLOADS! Considering I only launched this podcast 8 weeks ago, I’m absolutely boggled at the response it’s received, and I’m so thankful to each and every one of you! To show my thanks, here’s a little themed episode about the number 10,000…

Bonus: “10,000!”

Obviously this milestone is thanks to the folks at the iTunes Music Store, who have been featuring The Land of Desire on their front page since last week! I’m blown away by all you new listeners, and I’m eager to hear your feedback and suggestions for the show. 🙂 In the future, I hope to write a comprehensive post talking about how this has affected my listener numbers, since a lot of other podcast producers are curious about things like that.

Further Reading:




Marie Antoinette’s Head: The Royal Hairdresser, The Queen, And The Revolution (Will Bashor, 2013)

Other hairstyle examples of the times!

Go watch Marie Antoinette if, for some unfathomable reason, you haven’t done so already. It’s beautiful and dreamy, it has a terrific soundtrack, but it ALSO has a great montage of ever-ridiculous hairstyle creation. One of its more successful attempts at image-rehabilitation comes during her makeover scene, when she joins in the Rousseau-inspired trend towards natural expressions and sentiments by debuting a shockingly relaxed style of dress and hair. To modern eyes, her look is still pretty fancy, but compared to the powdered, feathered, bejeweled Marge Simpson towers of the past, it was a pretty radical break.


The Essence of Style (Joan DeJean, 2006)

“A Haircut for French Taxpayers? Hollande’s $10,000-a-Month Stylist Is Revealed” (New York Times, July 2016)

“Balding French President Hollande Spends $132,000 On His Hair Each Year” (Vanity Fair, July 2016)

  • Just subscribed in Overcast but it was not at all straightforward. Had to follow the iTunes link, subscribe in Apple’s podcasts app, then share it from there by copying, switch to Obercast, and add the URL.

    Would it even have been possible in any android podcast app?

    Or is there an RSS link, and I just overlooked it? 😬

    • Hi Sebastian! First, thank you for listening and for your interest in subscribing! I haven’t used Overcast before, but if you look below the episode player, you’ll see direct links to the iTunes feed, Android feed and RSS feed. I’m sorry you went through all that rigamarole – next time I’d recommend clicking the Android or RSS links instead. You should just be able to look up a show in your podcatcher in order to subscribe; I know I don’t have trouble accessing the show in Downcast. I hope this helps!

      Thanks for listening,


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